LINK Houston is teaming up with Roll to the Polls to help ensure that transportation is not a barrier for voters to access polling locations during the 2020 Election Season. We created neighborhood maps showing bikeways and transit services alongside early voting and Election Day voting sites. To view or download the universal English flyer, universal Spanish flyer, and neighborhood-specific maps for each of Houston’s 88 Super Neighborhoods, click on the following link to open an online folder: LINK Houston Vote2020.

Don’t want to browse to find your neighborhood?

Here is a selection of direct download links for neighborhoods we identified as high on our Transportation Equity Demand Index in 2018:

Early voting in Harris County:  October 13-30, 2020

Election Day:  November 3, 2020

For polling locations and hours or other voting questions visit:

CDC COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Voters: 

Northside Northline Neighborhood Map Depicting Transit, Bikeways, and Polling locations.

Northside Northline Neighborhood map depicting transit, bikeways, and polling locations.

Let's Get Out the Vote Flyer

LINK Houston | October 12, 2020