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Briefing: Tell the Federal Highway Administration to prioritize public health, safety, and equity in street design – especially for people walking, rolling, and biking

Transportation engineering currently prioritizes convenience for people driving over safety for people walking or biking. This makes streets more dangerous for everyone, including drivers. Now is your opportunity to change all that. Public comments are wanted on revisions to one of transportation engineering’s “bibles,” the 700-page Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD). [...]

Briefing: Transportation access at COVID-19 vaccine sites

LINK Houston urges the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Harris County to consider multiple mobility options in their plans for COVID-19 vaccination distribution at NRG and additional sites so that people with disabilities, those without access to a vehicle, and aging persons who no longer drive are able to access vaccination sites. Our [...]

Briefing: LINK Houston’s Official FEIS Comments to TxDOT

LINK Houston has been working with volunteers and our partners to comb through the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and draft our official response to TxDOT. We urge TxDOT to: put forward an updated Preferred Alternative for the NHHIP based on the vision in Mayor Turner’s May 2020 position letter; issue a Supplemental FEIS [...]

Briefing: Public Comment on Transportation Policy Council (TPC) June 26, 2020 Agenda Item #5

Transportation Policy Council (TPC) Houston-Galveston Area Council 3555 Timmons Lane, Suite #100 Houston, TX 77027 June 25, 2020 Re: Public Comment on Transportation Policy Council (TPC) June 26, 2020 Agenda Item #5 Dear Chair Clark and Members of the Transportation Policy Council, My name is Oni Blair, and I serve as a voting member [...]

Briefing: Transportation Advisory Committee June 17, 2020 Remarks

LINK Houston Executive Director Oni Blair’s Remarks on Agenda Item #6 (includes NHHIP consideration) Houston-Galveston Area Council: Transportation Advisory Committee June 17, 2020 Thank you. My name is Oni Blair, and I am a voting member of the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). I thank the parties – the City of Houston, Harris County, Metropolitan [...]