recent study by Citizens Budget Commission using data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that Houston is currently less affordable than New York City when transportation costs are factored into overall housing costs.

The notion that Houston is becoming less affordable is not new. According to the Center for Neighborhood Technology , transportation costs in Houston account for 20% of a family’s income. Adding that to the 25% most of us spend on housing, it’s no wonder that Houston is become less affordable overall.

This is precisely why we are partnering with the Rice University Kinder Institute t o study where affordable housing and high-quality affordable transportation currently coexist in Houston, how well they serve families and individuals, and what decisionmakers should consider for future projects to keep housing truly affordable.

On April 2 we will host a housing and transportation event at which we will roll out our study and applied tools in addition to hearing from an expert panel. Stay tuned for details!

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Ines Sigel | January 23, 2020