On February 4, we invite you to ride public transit somewhere you need to go, take a picture along your journey, and share it on social media using #TransitEquityDay.

The Labor Network for Sustainability will once again lead Transit Equity Day to raise awareness of public transit as a civil right and a way to help fight climate change. This date is additionally significant because it marks the birthday of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Her refusal to relinquish her bus seat in Alabama at the height of the Civil Rights Movement helped lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the United States Supreme Court upholding a lower court decision to integrate public buses.

Equal access to affordable and reliable public transit options is key to ensuring every community member can access opportunities across the country, including right here in Houston, while improving our environment and fighting impacts of climate change.

Feel free to tag LINK Houston in your images and let us know about your #TransitEquityDay experience!

LINK Houston
Ines Sigel | January 23, 2020