We at LINK Houston are committed to advocating for racial equity and justice across one system that affects all of our lives: transportation. As we grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and fight against the abject violence that has claimed the life of native Houstonian George Floyd and so many other Black lives, we remain steadfast in our mission, which focuses on equity and access to opportunity.

Transportation – how we get to where we need to go – should not be a barrier to access work, school, healthcare, or even social outings with family and friends. We envision a resilient city where it is possible for every resident (regardless of race, income or ability) to access opportunities without owning a car.

For many Black communities and other communities of color across Houston, transportation is a barrier due to systemic policies that perpetuate historic disadvantages and racism. Changing systems is a long-term commitment. It is imperative that we continue to advocate for more equitable transportation policies .

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LINK Houston
Oni K. Blair and Ines Sigel | June 18, 2020