On February 4, 2022, LINK Houston will celebrate Transit Equity Day. We invite you to join us in observing this occasion and encourage you to walk, roll, bike, and ride transit during the week leading up to February 4th. Additionally, we ask that you share your experiences on social media with #TransitEquityDay, tag @LINK_Houston in your posts, and follow us as we chronicle our trips.

LINK Houston also challenges METRO staff and Board members to ride the bus and/or rail to renew an appreciation for rider’s experiences, and to share their journeys on social media as well. 

If you are able to participate, we urge you to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines and mask up while riding.

Transit Equity Day is a national day of action honoring civil rights icon Rosa Parks, who peacefully protested to end segregated seating on public buses. It is an opportunity for advocates and community members to raise awareness of public transit as a civil right and a way to help fight for climate justice. Equal access to affordable and reliable public transit options is key to ensuring every resident can access opportunities across the country, including right here in Houston, while improving our environment and mitigating impacts of climate change.

Houston and Harris County have several major mobility initiatives at play – METRONext, the Houston Bike Plan, Harris County and City of Houston’s Vision Zero plans, and major highway infrastructure initiatives like the North Houston Highway Improvement Project. Together with Resilient Houston, the Houston Climate Action Plan, and the County’s climate-related activities, these mobility initiatives have the potential to significantly improve equity in our area by changing our options to affordably and sustainably move throughout the region. Our own research in 2021 found that 891,000 people in Houston need more affordable transportation options, such as walking, biking, and public transit – especially individuals and families in low-income communities and many communities of color.

Through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, our authorities and agencies have the opportunity to apply for competitive grants to help fund some of these much-needed initiatives. We hope you will join us in observing Transit Equity Day in honor of Rosa Parks and thereby support our advocacy efforts for a more equitable and just future for everyone in the Houston region.

For more on the national efforts, visit the Labor Network for Sustainability.

LINK Houston 
January 26, 2022