The following statement can be attributed to Gabe Cazares, Executive Director, LINK Houston.

Houston has made it clear: we want a fair say in how our city grows and moves around. Empowering all communities in the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) with proportional representation – as Proposition B demands – is a necessary step towards building a transportation system that works for everyone. LINK Houston endorsed this effort and is proud to share in this collective victory. We congratulate everyone who gathered signatures, knocked on a door, and engaged their friends and neighbors on this critical issue. We are especially grateful for campaign organizers and volunteers who demonstrated the power of a people-centered movement.

What comes next? H-GAC has convened two committees to work through the details of implementing Proposition B. LINK Houston calls on all involved parties to negotiate in good faith to develop a voting structure that benefits everyone equitably. We stand ready to support the negotiation process for this once in a generation opportunity.


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