On February 16th, BarkerRipley’s Cullen Reunion Hall in Gulfton was brimming with attendees from all over the greater Houston area. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s Talking Transition Civic Saturday event, arranged in partnership with LINK Houston, brought together hundreds of community members, stakeholders, and Harris County staff for a robust discussion on transportation issues. The event gave attendees the opportunity to voice their concerns and learn about the County’s role in managing transportation.

Judge Lina Hidalgo, joined by State Representative Gene Wu, Councilmember Mike Laster, METRO Board Chair Carrin Patman, BakerRipley’s Bolivar Fraga, and LINK Houston’s Executive Director Oni Blair welcomed the crowd, emphasizing the importance of safe and efficient transportation, and the pivotal role community members have in voicing their opinions to effect change.

Following the opening session, attendees were able to attend several breakout sessions to learn about specific problems and factors that are paired with Houston’s transportation network. In the Disability Access breakout session, the group discussed the importance of accessible infrastructure in mobility. In the Affordable Transportation Options: Walk, Bike, Bus, Train session, community members and stakeholders discussed affordable transportation and the roles and responsibilities of the County to provide affordable and reliable transportation to all residents. Other breakout sessions covered Hike and Bike Trails, Safety for All Road Users, and Congestion Management and Climate Impact.

After the public event, Judge Hidalgo met with stakeholders to discuss plans for short- and long-term goals to improve transportation on the County level. Her office will follow up on next steps in the weeks to come.

LINK Houston
MARCH 8, 2019