Every segment of American society—individuals, families, communities, and businesses—benefits from public transit.

However, there is a lack of equity in these services. Latinos, for example, often report bus routes are unreliable, infrequent, or even unsafe, contributing to disparities in health and wealth, according to a Salud America! Research Review.

An equitable transit network for Latino and all families starts with an equity analysis.

That’s why transportation advocacy group, LINK Houston, conducted its  Equity in Transit 2018 Report.

They found that nearly one million residents in Houston, Texas (44.5% Latino) are living in areas with high-transit needs, but do not have access to frequent weekday, weekend, and evening services.

Do you know who has access to frequent service in your community? [Read more.]

Salud America!
Amanda Merck | JULY 1, 2019
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