As TxDOT’s plan to revamp I-45 moves forward, some concerned citizens are pushing back.

JUST OUTSIDE THE GATES of Bruce Elementary school in the Fifth Ward, over 30 community organizers, activists, and concerned citizens gathered Tuesday morning to call for delaying the approval of the proposed expansion and overhaul of I-45.

Advocates for the I-45 expansion claim that adding new lanes and restructuring large parts of the highway will reduce congestion and make the aging roadway more structurally secure. But those present at Tuesday’s press conference argued the current plan doesn’t adequately address concerns about adverse impacts on low-income and developing neighborhoods like Fifth Ward, East Downtown, and the Northside, and would primarily benefit more affluent commuters who don’t live in those communities. [Read more.]

Houstonia Magazine 
Schaefer Edwards | JULY 24, 2019