In early 2016, I crossed the intersection of Fannin, Main and Sunset with my mother, Marj Corcoran, who taught physics at Rice for over 35 years and used that crosswalk hundreds of times. She told me that day how scared crossing there as part of her regular bike commute made her, and how how she would look ahead for drivers turning into the crosswalk or run the light in order to cross before them. A year later, her worst fears, and mine, were realized. On Feb. 3, 2017, while trying to make navigate the intersection, an oncoming train struck her, and I have regretted everyday I didn’t ask her not to bike there. When another bicyclist, Sudipta Roy, was killed in the same intersection a year later, my family was devastated and forced to relive the worst day of our lives. [Read more.]

Houston Chronicle, Opinion
Colleen Corcoran | December 15, 2019