In the lead up to the June 13 press conference and City Council committee meeting, dozens of Near Northside residents packed into Avenue CDC’s Housing Recovery Center on May 29. Their concern: The Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) $7 billion North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP), which in its current design will push out thousands of business and homeowners, increase pollution and flooding, create connectivity barriers throughout the neighborhood, and forever alter the neighborhood’s charm.

Through funding by Rice University Center for Civic Leadership and our partnership with Air Alliance Houston , LINK Houston co-hosted a workshop at Avenue CDC to help Near Northside residents develop an advocacy strategy and prepare for upcoming public meetings by TxDOT and the City of Houston related to the NHHIP. The strategy reflected the residents’ priority concerns – mobility and safety, air quality, flooding, noise pollution, visual impacts, economic development, and housing – and identified mitigation strategies to communicate to decisionmakers and influencers on the highway project.

LINK Houston
June 24, 2019