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H-GAC committee offers support for I-45 rebuild, but not without concerns

Plans to overhaul Interstate 45 north of downtown Houston inched forward this week, but not without some hesitation and a slew of caveats by some local officials who have been asked to commit $100 million to the massive project. [Read more.] Houston Chronicle  Dug Begley | JULY 18, 2019 READ FULL ARTICLE [...]

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H-Town Progressive – Ep. 34 Oni Blair – Transportation Equity in Houston

Too many people struggle to safely move about our great city to do the things that people need to do in modern society. Join us this week as we discuss transportation equity in Houston with Oni Blair. [Listen and read more.] H-Town Progressive JULY 22, 2019 Listen to Podcast

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Transportation Advocacy Group Conducts Transit Equity Analysis

Every segment of American society—individuals, families, communities, and businesses—benefits from public transit. However, there is a lack of equity in these services. Latinos, for example, often report bus routes are unreliable, infrequent, or even unsafe, contributing to disparities in health and wealth, according to a Salud America! Research Review. An equitable transit network for Latino and [...]

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Houston Has a Rail Solution to Traffic

The megalopolis has a $7.5-billion plan to expand transit options for Texans over the next two decades. America’s fourth largest city could take a giant leap for mass transit — as long as Houston voters don’t muck it up. Houston’s Metropolitan Transit Authority, or METRO, is nearly done compiling its $7.5-billion long-term plan to [...]

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Massive I-45 project will remake Houston freeway spine, but at what cost?

Strip away the enormity of rebuilding Interstate 45 and the promise of speedier trips along downtown Houston freeways, and two questions about the once-in-a-generation project remain: How many negative effects are acceptable in one neighborhood for other people’s faster commutes? And, how far should transportation officials go to reduce those impacts, to secure support [...]

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BEWARE: Houston’s 3 most dangerous intersections

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A little more than two months after the deadly accident that claimed the lives of their loved ones, family of 64-year-old Jesus Perez and 55-year-old Lesha Adams held hands as they crossed Shepherd Drive near 10th Street. The paint on the crosswalk was fresh and a signal light flashed red [...]

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TxDOT’s I-45 project could hurt a school and its community. But there are ways to mitigate the harm.

This post is part of a series on the I-45 project, published every Monday and Wednesday throughout June. Transportation infrastructure influences access to opportunity and the lives, including health and wellness, of communities throughout the Houston region. That’s why our state and local governments should view every major transportation infrastructure project using taxpayer dollars, [...]

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One airport line’s enough. Metro must serve all Houston. [Editorial]

When it was rolled out, the ambitious $7.5 billion Metro Moving Forward plan for the next generation of transit in Houston showed both the Green and Purple light rail lines extending all the way from downtown to Hobby Airport. Costly ride-hailing trips and long-term parking suddenly seemed things of the past, and many were thrilled. [...]

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Judge Hidalgo’s Civic Saturday on Transportation Sparks ‘Much-Needed’ Discussions on Street Safety

Simply put, improving safety for all road users benefits everyone. In her second of a series of community outreach meetings called Civic Saturdays, newly-elected Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo focused on transportation on February 16, 2019. The event in Gulfton, organized by LINK Houston, reflected a sense of urgency in transportation safety. Attendees shared [...]

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Transportation buffs are staking out Houston’s most dangerous intersections to better understand what’s wrong with them

A handful of intersection inspection personnel were out at Long Point Rd. and Gessner on Tuesday for their second round of roadside surveillance at what they’ve deemed one of the city’s most dangerous crossroads for pedestrians. The team — made up of an engineer from Houston’s public works department, a Federal Highway Administration rep, [...]

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